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15 January 2010 @ 01:49 am
I always wanted to do one of these thingers :D Can't wait to get starteddd~

Lloyd Irving x Zelos Wilder
001.Good 002.Bad 003.Chosen 004.Forgotten 005.Sky
006.Zero 007.Nine 008.Countdown 009.Grab 010.Receive
011.An Hour 012.Double 013.Fight Back 014.Over 015.Red
016.Blue 017.Handle 018.Sympathy 019.Evidence 020.Protect
021.Fate 022.Fantasy 023.Aid 024.Pain 025.Clouds
026.Responsible 027.Advent 028.Journey 029.Rewrite 030.Carpet
031.Combat 032.Death 033.Truth 034.Lies 035.Hide
036.Seek 037.Dream 038.World 039.Hard 040.Low
041.High 042.Familiar 043.Blackmail 044.Fault 045.Laugh
046.Pray 047.Extra 048.Artist's Choice 049.Artist's Choice 050.Artist's Choice

And this for my own reference--I must tag my posts as:
konii_lung: lloyd/zelos (symphonia), g: tales of symphonia, table #002: prompt #000

and also for posts:
SUBJECT: [Lloyd/Zelos] Table #002, Prompt #000: THEPROMPT
Artist's Comment(s):

Or refer to this for future posts.

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04 January 2009 @ 07:43 pm

Today I went to Dim Sum D: early in the morning. Somewhere down the aisle I smelled it.

The stench.


No, really. I mean that literally---it was a musky masculine smell roflll XD

Now onto less random things (wellsortalulz)Collapse )
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02 August 2008 @ 01:45 pm
Indeed it is.

Seriously, I should be doing Planning right about now. But the assignment I'm currently doing involves major contemplation on the meaning of life which would totally be fine with me, if it wasn't mostly based on religious beliefs! I am not religious :| liek srsly. No. So I thought "Hey, why not update my totally neglected lj? 8Db" Hence this new entry. (I will regret this later D:).

Been doing nothing but planning lately;; and i'm still in a serious art block ): Doesn't look like I'll be getting out of it anytime soon. In the meantime vist me @ mangabullet yes? ;D Sorry Amy, still working on GN first page lulz D: Which reminds me, I have other stuffs to do too! TO-DO LIST TIEM.

Arts I owe people:
-Death the Kid for xrainstarx
-Fanart of Don't Fear the Reaper for fishuu
-Kiriban for Riokshte (LONG OVERDUE OTL)
-GN Preview & rando poster for koishii_hime
-Concept art for my unamed emo story XD

I've been listening to a lot of Rurutia and Chihiro Onitsuka lately :D lovelovelove their music ♥ WAIFU, YOU MUST LISTEN TO SOME KAY? >8( Arabesque [ballad ver] & Sanctuary by Rurutia, Borderline, Gekkou & Memai by Chihiro Onitsuka C: WEEELL I guess I better get back to work now :'D totally behind. Will probably get a B. /END RANT
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